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ButterCream Recipe

Every one loves Buttercream and it is very easy to make ! so here is a recipe for you !







250g Unsalted Butter
250g Shortening
1kg    icing sugar (just a Supermarket home brand is fine)


1.  Combine Unsalted Butter and Shortening together until light in colour, on high speed.
2. On low speed slowly pour in Icing Sugar once all in and combined turn up to a high speed.
3. Continue Mixing on high speed for 2-5mins till light and fluffy.

now you don’t have to add shortening! Shortening is a vegetable fat that can make buttercream whiter & stiffer for easier piping, so you just put the extra butter in to replace the shortening if you prefer.

but in saying that you don’t have to use butter ether you can just use shortening and add 1-2tsp of vanilla Essence and 1-5tbsp of water if needed to make it softer and easier to work with.

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